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1934 MG PA





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I4 (847cc)
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It’s Alive Automotive is pleased to offer this classic 1934 MG PA. The PA is a very interesting and significant part of MG history. The P series cars (PA & PB) were the last of MG’s overhead cam engine powered cars until the MGA twin cam of the 1950s. Clearly, one can see the resemblance to the iconic post-war MG TC that many casual U.S. fans may assume is where MG began. That’s understandable since GIs who returned to the U.S. after WW2 learned of the appealing nature of small, light, sports cars during their service in England and brought a new market for these cars home with them to North America. MG however, had a well-deserved reputation prior to the war for its line of affordable, good performing sporting vehicles. If you’re new to pre-war MGs, then treat yourself to researching the history of this storied marque. If you’re familiar with the MG pre-war line, you know the P series represented much improvement over its predecessors while retaining many design elements unique to pre-war cars. For the person with a serious interest in all things MG, owning a pre-war MG like the PA opens up a new dimension and context to the world of early sporting cars. For example, the four speed gearbox does not have synchromesh on any gear. To shift up or down, you will need to master the art of double clutching and matching rpms to the needed gear. Once learned, driving one of these is quite satisfying knowing that it’s not something that just anyone can do without some practice. The PA’s large 12” drum brakes are mechanically operated via cables. They work surprisingly well and pointing out the lack of a hydraulic system to your friends is always fun. Speaking of interesting design features, the PA’s generator is mounted vertically at the front of the engine and drives off the crankshaft. The overhead cam is in turn driven by a shaft from the generator. A water pump was optional on the PA. Ours has none. Hot coolant rises by convection to the top of the radiator and is cooled as it flows back down. While the base engine can have the optional water pump added, we have not had any problems with our example staying cool. Our PA is a very solid example without any rust issues. It is an older restoration and the paint is still holding up very well. Unless one was looking for a high end concours show car, we don’t feel the finish is in need of any attention. The same can be said for the chrome work. We strive to fully disclose any known faults and there are some things to note with this car. It is in fact a true two seat model, more stylish and better balanced than the four seater. However, you will notice from the photos that our car has a small back seat. The space behind the front seats is for top storage and at some point a prior owner, fabricated a small rear seat. Both seats are upholstered in vinyl. We have considered removing the rear seat and reupholstering the front seats in leather as they should be. However, we’ve decided to leave that decision to the next caretaker. The car does not have a top frame, top, or side curtains. These cars did not have a fuel gauge but had two pickups in the tank, one positioned lower for reserve and a dash operated valve could switch between the two. That dash valve is missing although the two fuel lines are present. Both trafficator arms extend and light up but are sometimes sluggish to return home. The car has a central lubrication system and a fitting for the right side rear spring is missing from the system. To sum it up, it’s a great little car with a few relatively minor needs (save perhaps the top). The engine starts and runs well with strong oil pressure. If your MG interest includes a rather rare car of which only a couple thousand were built and likely only a few hundred still survive, contact us for more information. "It's Alive Automotive" is a full service restoration, service and sales facility in Bridgeton, Missouri that opened in 2014.  While Jaguar XKEs ar


  • Halogen headlights
  • ABS
  • Immobilizer
  • Xenon headlights
  • Airbag
  • Signaling
  • Central locking
  • Fog lights
  • On-board computer
  • Light sensor
  • Climate control
  • Leather interior
  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise control
  • Multiwheel
  • Headlight washer
  • Parktronic
  • Heated mirrors
  • Heated seats
  • Rain sensor
  • Power steering
  • Power windows
  • R-camera
  • Subwoofer
  • Tape recorder
  • CD
  • DVD
  • MP3
  • GPS
  • Service book
  • Hitch

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