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1967 Chevy Corvette

In the past 2 years we’ve completed 5 C-2/3 corvettes and have established quite a reputation. John is the president of the local NCRS chapter and he trusted us with his pride and joy; a 1967 small block.

John’s desire was that the paint would be show quality in all areas except those where the original finish was dull. We met the challenge by ensuring the car was extremely straight (all waves blocked out through multiple applications of guide coat and polly), with perfect gaps, and then covering the “traditional dull” areas with a satin finish. John said we captured the intent and he was very pleased with the result. We also removed his windshield and refurbished the bird cage area replacing all clips to ensure a strong fit in the stainless and a complete end to any rot. All seals were replaced throughout the car and the headlights motors were rebuilt.

The end product is an incredible car that satisfies the desires of both the “show quality” and the “originality” connoisseur. A tough balance to maintain but we made the journey and learned a lot for the next mid year. With our low pricing (under $10,000) I’m confident they’re coming!