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1964 Chevy Impala

When Red dropped off his 1964 Impala convertible it had been “butchered” beyond belief from the previous shop. New interior had been installed over rusted out floors and trunk pan, brakes were on backwards, and the door and trunk gaps were terrible all around the car. We started from scratch and removed the body from the car and completely replaced the floor pans, trunk pan, and wheel wells. The rear quarters were already replaced so we only replaced the fronts, but looking back we should have started over and removed the entire quarter panel (Live and learn).

We applied two coats of polly and blocked the car 3 times to ensure flat panels. All the gaps were triple checked and the car painted with a tri-coat white that looks amazing in the sun. We followed our 6 step paint processes which include three stages of sanding and 3 stages of buffing. Flawless finish throughout.

Assembly was a challenge as we had to ensure all the components previously “initiated” for installation were in correctly. Air Ride, Vintage Air A/C system, and master sound system where all major challenges (Rob Thompson mastered the sound system and Matt Sebastion the top and interior. Those guys are incredible!!!

The car is impressive and a testimony to Red’s vision and his patience and tenacity in achieving that vision. We were glad to be a part of the process.